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Thanks for your Support

The fundraising team at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre would like to thank all those who take part in one of our events or challenges.

Below is a list of previous events for you to browse - if you want to take part in any of our future events or challenges please go back to the previous page and email or contact the fundraiser given after each event to receive a pack of further information.

Bristol Half Marathon - 12th September 2004

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Bristol Half Marathon.  Particularly massive thanks go to to the 60 people who ran in stunning orange vests through cheering crowds to raise money for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.  We hope that you all enjoyed the thrill of crossing the line and the achievement of raising so much money to help people living with cancer and those close to them.

Grand Canyon Trek - 19th-27th June 2004

A massive thank you to Robin Michaelson, Zoe Lindgren and Lisa Lane for their fantastic support.  The trek was a great success, which everyone enjoyed, and the team has brilliantly managed to raise over �10 000 for the Centre. 

Are you prepared to go Over The Top? - Saturday 24th April 2004

On Saturday 24th April 2004, 61 brave people went Over The Top and abseiled 150ft down the shear face of Bristol's Avon Gorge to raise money for the Centre.  We can't name you all here, but a huge thank you to all those who participated and pledged more than �11,500 in total by the end of the day.

London to Paris Bike Challenge - Wednesday 14th -> Sunday 18th April 2004

 The Bristol Cancer Help Centre would like to thank the whole London to Paris Bike Ride Team for their fantastic achievement.

The team consisted of:
Matt Millener, Sarah Johnson, Jo Adams, Ru Morris, David Ashton, Phil Denison, David Bruce, Philip Skipp, Richard Clarke, Chris Lowther, Dietrich Martini, Stuart Gallagher, Stephen Ryan, John Blagg, Roger Chubb, Becky Bruce, Daniel Skipp, Steve Kemish, Mary Bulless, Ian Turner, Alun Thomas, and Caroline Barnard.

Congratulations to all of you!

The team has raised over �25,000 already and there�s more coming in every day.

London Marathon - Sunday 18th April 2004

Our team of 11 runners � Lucy Hynes, Jo Hounsell, Susan Holmes, Jane Birakos, Olivia Cameron, Mark Pilkington, Ian Stromsmoe, Tim Gillen, Bob Pomfret, Zandra Letts and Deborah Gibson � all did brilliantly rubbing shoulders with the stars to complete the 26.2 mile course. Thanks to each and every one of you for all your hard work!

Bristol Half Marathon - Sunday 7th September 2003

A team of 40 runners did amazingly well to complete the 13 mile course.  It was a wonderful day, thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Thanks to all your efforts we are now well on our way to reaching our target.

Art Exhibition - Monday 22nd -> Sunday 28th September 2003 

Once again our wonderful art exhibition, held at Grove House, was a great success - raising almost �20 000.  Over 40 local artists exhibited their work and offered a fantastic opportunity to buy discounted paintings while benefiting the Centre.  HRH The Prince of Wales generously donated a lithograph of a signed limited edtion Artist's Proof of his watercolour Ben Avon, near Braemar, January - this was displayed during the exhibition and silent bids collected. Many thanks to all those who visited the exhibition and supported the event, and to all the artists who contributed their work.

New York Marathon - Sunday November 2nd 2003

Congratulations to our team of 10 runners - Charlie Armitstead, James Haldane, Esmond Tweedie, George McFerran, Mark Pilkington, Aidan Berkely, Suzi Fox, Gavin Millar, Gary McLaughlin and Dave Lang - who all did fantastically well. All of them completed the 26.2 mile course on a very hot day in amazing times.  A massive thank you to the whole team and to their supporters. 


"Swimming the Channel was a real challenge � I had never done anything like it before.  But then the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and the help and support it offers to people living with cancer is so special, I wanted to do something unusual to raise money."

Roger Chubb,

Investment Partner, Hartnell Taylor Cook, who swam the Channel as part of a team of 8 to raise money for the Centre in July 2003.