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Champagne Run

  The Champagne Run is a brand new and unique challenge to Bristol Cancer Help Centre and will test your driving and navigation skills to the limit.  

The event will start at Ashton Court in Bristol and the challenge will be to navigate your way to the finishing line at the Mo�t & Chandon Champagne House at Epernay in France. However, to just drive between the two cities along a motorway would be no fun. You will have to navigate your way through a series of checkpoints both here in the UK and in France before your arrival in Epernay. Along the way you will need to answer questions at each checkpoint and then work out where the next checkpoint will be. There will be an overnight stop at the fabulous Hotel Westminster in Le Touquet. This sumptuous 115 bedroom hotel is the most famous in Le Touquet and celebrities over the world choose this hotel when visiting the area. On the second day you will venture off into the French countryside and drive through some of the most stunning scenery in Northern France, also taking in sleepy towns and villages as you go. The event will culminate in a Black Tie gastronomic dinner at the famous Caveau Napol�on at the Mo�t & Chandon Champagne House.


The team to complete the challenge with the least mileage clocked up will be the winners. This challenge is open to Classic Car owners as well as modern cars.


The town of Epernay nestles in the heart of the Champagne Region at the foot of the hills where the Champagne grapes are grown. The Champagne Run is also timed to coincide with the start of the Epernay Festival which celebrates the start of the Champagne harvest each year.












Day 1: Friday 9th September


Rendezvous at Bristol's famous Ashton Court Mansion. Your mileage will be read and you will be ready for departure at 8am. You are then free to find your way to the Eurotunnel train at Folkestone. Remember - you are trying to find the shortest route and not the quickest route to Folkestone. Beware however, you will need to drive through two check points before you get to Folkestone and you will only be told the location of these checkpoints as you begin. After the last checkpoint of the day, it is then on to Folkestone with just enough time to take advantage of the tax-free shopping before taking your car onto the Eurotunnel train for the 40 minute journey under the English Channel. The last leg will take you from Calais to the seaside town of Le Touquet, where you will be shuttled to the sumptuous Hotel Westminster which will be your overnight rest point.  We will provide you with a buffet meal in the evening and you will be free to make the most of the hotel's luxury facilities or to explore the town of Le Touquet.











Day 2: Saturday 10th September 2005



Day two of the Champagne Run starts at 9am with a short shuttle ride back to your car ready to start driving again. Then it is off into the French countryside towards Epernay. Again, you will need to navigate your way through two checkpoints and the location of these will only be revealed at the start of day. You will wind your way through the sleepy towns and villages that are hidden away in the beautiful French countryside before arriving at the town of Epernay in the heart of the Champagne region.  The finishing line will be at the Mo�t & Chandon Champagne House, on the famous Avenue de Champagne, and this is where your final mileage reading will be taken and then your total mileage will be calculated. You can then rest before returning to the House for a Black Tie gastronomic dinner. Upon your arrival, in the evening, you will be taken on a tour of this amazing house and shown some of the Champagne cellars in the network of caves that lie beneath the ground. You will then be shown into the incredible Caveau Napol�on and treated to an amazing banquet complemented by champagnes especially chosen for the evening by Mo�t & Chandon's sommeliers. There will also be a prize giving ceremony. At the end of the dinner it's back to your hotel for a well earned rest.   


Day 3: Saturday 11th Sept


After breakfast you return to the Champagne House and can also browse through their shop for souvenirs. You are then free to explore Epernay or its beautiful surroundings before returning to Calais for the 4pm Eurotunnel train back to Folkestone.

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"Brilliant Weekends are delighted to support the Champagne Run.  Our service is all about helping groups do something fresh and exciting at the weekend.  The fact that people can have a brilliant weekend and raise money at the same time makes this a superb adventure."

 Liz Dennys  - Brilliant Weekends



 "We are very pleased to be supporting Bristol Cancer Help Centre in their 25th Year with the Champagne Run. This event will be great fun for all the participants, offering the very best in hospitality on both sides of the English Channel a well as raising money for people living with cancer."

Lesley Skelt- General Manager Hotel du Vin, Bristol