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The fundraising team at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre are delighted to be able to offer a range of Challenges for those who seek adventure in support of a great cause.

Below is a list of forthcoming Challenges for you to browse - please do e-mail or contact  the fundraiser given after each event to receive a pack of further information.

If you would like to know the results of our previous events click here.

Great North Run - 26th September 2004

Follow in the footsteps of many an olympic runner by taking part in the Great North run in support of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.  We have 5 golden Bond places available in the world's biggest half marathon.  Last year 47,000 people took part and this year's race is already fully subscribed.

Sorry - there are no further places left in our team!

For more information contact Danny on  0117 980 9529 or email him

Are you prepared to go Over The Top? - Saturday 9th October 2004

Back by popular demand - on Saturday 9th October 2004, you have the opportunity to go Over The Top and abseil 150ft down the shear face of Bristol's Avon Gorge to raise money for the Centre.  This event was brilliantly supported in April of this year as 61 brave people walked down the great limestone wall - including a lady dressed as Elvis.

For more information contact Julian on 0117 980 9509 or email him.

To download an application form for printing click here.

New York Marathon - 7th November 2004

Bristol Cancer Help Centre is delighted to announce that we have guaranteed race entries in this year's world-famous New York Marathon.  This is the most exciting marathon in the world - not just a sporting event, but an international celebration of life and energy.  35,000 people unite in one massive team towards a common goal:  to reach the finish line 26 miles away.

Sorry - there are no further places left in our team!

For more information contact Danny on 0117 980 9529 or email him

Vietnam to Angkor Wat Cycle Challenge - 6th-16th January 2005

This stunning bike challenge will take you from the culturally fascinating Vietnam to the magnificence of the Angkor Wat temples.  From stunning paddy fields to the ancient mystique of Angkor Wat, this challenge offers you a unique opportunity to experience Vietnam and Cambodia - fast becoming two of the key destinations in Asia for the independent traveller.

Contact Danny on 0117 980 9529 or email him

London to Paris Bike Ride - 1st-4th July 2005

After the amazing success of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre London to Paris Bike Ride in 2004, we have decided to take another team in 2005.  Tower Bridge marks the start of this four day adventure through some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe.  After 280km of rewarding cycling, the Eiffel Tower will be a welcome sight - we finish below its famous arches before celebrating our remarkable achievement. 

For an information pack please contact Danny on  0117 980 9529 or email him.

3 Volcanoes Trek - 3rd-8th September 2005

Enjoy some of Italy's most spectacular scenery while scaling its 3 most famous volcanoes.  We start with Vesuvius in southern Italy, best known for the explosion that buried nearby Pompeii.  It's a relatively easy 4 hour trek to the summit and its spectacular views of the bay of Naples.  Stromboli is next, where a tough but gratifying trek of around 6 hours  will take us to the summit of this small, beautiful island.  The challenges finale comes on the slopes of smouldering, sultry Mount Etna in Sicily.  It's the longest and most difficult day with up to 7 hours trekking before a well earned party to celebrate all you have accomplished over the past few days. 

For an information pack please contact Danny on 0117 980 9529 or email him.


"Swimming the Channel was a real challenge � I had never done anything like it before.  But then the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and the help and support it offers to people living with cancer is so special, I wanted to do something unusual to raise money."

Roger Chubb,

Investment Partner, Hartnell Taylor Cook, who swam the Channel as part of a team of 8 to raise money for the Centre in July 2003