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Please note that this visit will be covered by the royal rota, and please make contact through the usual channels if you wish to cover the event.

Wednesday 10th December

Bristol Cancer Help Centre, the leading UK holistic cancer care charity, is delighted to welcome HRH The Prince of Wales to the Centre on Friday 19th December 2003.

The Prince, Patron of the charity since 1997, has long been a committed supporter of the Bristol Approach to cancer care. On this visit His Royal Highness has specifically asked to meet people with cancer and their supporters who are attending a two day course at the Centre.

The course participants will join the Prince of Wales on the afternoon of 19th December for a discussion on the role of creative therapies in cancer care led by the charity's Senior Counsellor Ruth Benor Sewell, and art therapist Diana Brueton. The Prince will also meet former course participants, and members of the charity's multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and complementary therapists.

Charity Chief Executive Christopher Head comments:

"We are delighted and honoured to welcome His Royal Highness back to the Centre. As Patron his unstinting support of the Bristol Approach to cancer care has been invaluable, and his great advocacy of a more integrated approach to healthcare has our full support.

"This visit comes at a time of innovation in cancer treatments as experts predict that in future more cancer drugs will be administered in the home or community based on containing rather than curing cancer. As a result more people in the UK will be living longer with cancer, and the Bristol Approach, which works hand-in-hand with medical treatment, will become even more important.

"It is twenty years since His Royal Highness opened our current premises in 1983. In that time we have helped many thousands of people with cancer. With the Prince's ongoing support we look forward to making the Bristol Approach even more accessible to all people with cancer in the future."


Notes to editors

  1. The Bristol Cancer Help Centre was founded in 1980 by the late Penny Brohn a woman living with cancer, and her great friend Pat Pilkington to support people living with cancer and those close to them. The charity's current premises in Bristol were opened by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1983 the Prince is a longstanding supporter of the Centre and Patron since 1997.
  2. The Bristol Cancer Help Centre is the UK's leading holistic cancer charity that has pioneered and specialises in the world famous Bristol Approach to cancer care that provides a unique range of physical, emotional and spiritual support to help people to deal with the challenges a cancer diagnosis brings.
  3. The Bristol Approach works hand in hand with medical treatment, using complementary therapies, and self-help techniques including practical advice on nutrition. People can access the Bristol Approach through residential courses at the Centre run by the charity's experienced multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and complementary therapists.
  4. The charity's Cancerpoint community support programme provides over 2,500 individual appointments a year for people with cancer in the Bristol area, Somerset and Wiltshire with members of the Centre's therapy team.
  5. The charity also works to integrate a holistic approach into mainstream cancer services, and to develop good practice in the field of complementary cancer care. The Centre provides over 500 training course places a year to health professionals and complementary therapists wanting to use the Bristol Approach in their own work with people affected by cancer.
  6. The Bristol Cancer Help Centre was the national award winner at the Charity Awards 2003 in the healthcare and medical research category.
  7. The charity offers information and support - including free nutritional guidelines - through its National Telephone Helpline service on 0845 123 23 10 or email helpline@bristolcancerhelp.org and website at www.bristolcancerhelp.org.

"It has been a great satisfaction to me to see how strongly the approach pioneered at Bristol has influenced the development and improvement of cancer services all over Britain."

HRH The Prince of Wales

Patron of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.