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The New Dawn Appeal

We need �4.5 million to help transform the lives of people with cancer - please support The New Dawn Appeal

Cancer Turns Worlds Upside Down
It takes an average of eight minutes for someone�s doctor to break the news to them that they have cancer.  What follows is often anger, fear, grief and a sense of losing control.

One in three people in the UK experience this traumatic event. Most of us will be touched by cancer. 

From Helplessness To Self Help
Bristol Cancer Help Centre is the leading national cancer charity in the UK that teaches people how to help themselves and to change the way they live with cancer - and take back some control. We provide support to the person diagnosed, but to their loved ones too.

Our teams of doctors, nurses and complementary therapists have 25 years experience of providing support using the Bristol Approach to cancer care. This gives help for mind, body and spirit after a diagnosis, using complementary therapies like massage, emotional support such as counselling, practical advice on healthy eating and lifestyle, and teaches people stress-reducing self-help techniques like relaxation and meditation.

Our national telephone helpline provides vital support and information, and people can access our wide range of services by visiting the Centre.

We help thousands of people affected by cancer move from a state of despair and helplessness to self-help.

What the experts say about our work... 

Make A Difference - Support The New Dawn Appeal
We are launching the New Dawn Appeal to enable us to care for many more people with cancer and their families - to break the isolation a diagnosis can bring and to help them enjoy a better quality of life.

How your donations can help:

�30 pays for free information and help-packs for twenty newly-diagnosed people with cancer

�60 funds a free place for a person with cancer on one of our unique one-day self-help courses, helping them to eat healthily and reduce stress

�90 pays for vital training for a nurse to come to the Centre to learn skills to help their cancer patients going through medical treatments to feel calmer and more at ease

�150 provides the specialist equipment for our purpose-built new therapy rooms

For further details on ways in which you can help the New Dawn Appeal, and for sponsorship information for organisations and businesses wishing to be involved, please contact the New Dawn Appeal team:
Tel: 01275 370 079

To make a donation now click here

With your help we will:

  • Expand our National Helpline Service providing vital information and support, and guiding people through the information maze to find the support that is right for them
  • Help more people with cancer and their loved ones  by providing more therapy courses, delivered by experienced and qualified teams of doctors, nurses and complementary therapists
  • Teach more health professionals and complementary therapists about how to use complementary therapies, nutritional support and stress-reducing strategies in their work with people with cancer - helping them to better support their patients and clients
  • To do this we need a new Centre. We are outgrowing our present home due to demand for our services, so we want to build and equip a National Centre to help thousands more people affected by cancer. We have already worked hard to raise �7m, and now, as an independent charity relying on voluntary donations, we are asking for your help to raise �4.5m to finish the job

 Dr Liam Fox MP

Dr. Liam Fox MP visits the site of the new Centre





�I know that holding the hand of someone who is afraid can be just as important as operating complex equipment. Bristol Cancer Help Centre has pioneered the world-renowned Bristol Approach to caring for people with cancer, that responds to the needs of the individual and their family who are coping with the shock of a cancer diagnosis. 

As well as emotional support, Bristol Cancer Help Centre teams of doctors, nurses and complementary therapists offer good quality information, and teach people very practical skills to help improve quality of life. My experience as a GP and former Shadow Secretary of State for Health with a longstanding commitment to improving patients experience of care and treatment is that people with a serious illness increasingly want to make informed choices, and to take some control over their future. Bristol Cancer Help Centre�s respected therapy programme helps people affected by cancer to actively engage in their own healthcare.

I urge you to support the charity�s New Dawn Appeal, which will enable many more people with cancer and their families to gain access to help and support that is tailored to their individual needs, helping them to help themselves.� Dr Liam Fox MP 

Please support the appeal - click here to make your donation


�At the end of the Bristol Approach course I felt more confident about moving forward in my life. It made me realise that I didn�t have to be a victim to cancer.�
Mac Jeffery, former head teacher, age 53, diagnosed with cancer of the eye in 2001