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Advanced Courses

    Aromatherapy - Working with People with Cancer

    A one-day workshop for qualified aromatherapists who have an interest in working with people with cancer.

    The course content is outlined below, but individual requests will be met wherever possible. There is opportunity for discussion, and handouts will be available.

    Content Includes:

    • the different stages of cancer and its possible treatments in relation to the use of aromatherapy as a supportive treatment
    • symptom control
    • guidelines for safe practice
    • emotional aspects of the work and the role of the therapist
    • networking and finding clients


    Wednesday 10th November 2004    Ref: AN   Book Course

    Wednesday 9th November 2005     Ref: A1    Book Course

    Cost:  �70

    NEW - Developing and providing aromatherapy and massage services within an acute hospital setting

    Presented by Jacquie Stringer.

    A workshop that will help healthcare professionals who want to develop aromatherapy and massage services within acute hospital settings, addressing the particular problems of working with people with cancer who are frequently very ill at particular risk.

    Content includes:

    • developing an appropriate protocol
    • records and referral between professionals
    • audit and evaluation
    • specific aromatherapy issues
    • specific issues such as infection control
    • working with people with low platelet counts
    • integrating the service within existing provision
    • development and support of thsoe delivering the service

    Date:  Wednesday 20th April 2005

    Ref: JS1  Book Course

    Cost: �70

    Suitable for:

    Healthcare professionals and/or experienced aromatherapists who are looking to develop aromatherapy and massage services within an acute hospital setting.

    NEW - Developing and providing supervision and mentorship for complementary therapists

    A study day for experienced complementary therapists working in the field of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.  The day aims to build on existing knowledge of the principles of reflective practice, and explore ways of introducing this in a structured way, either for professionals working independently, or for those working within an orgaisational setting such as a hospice, the NHS or an independent clinic.

    It will explore ways of developing, training and supporting mentors and using techniques such as group reflection of critical incidents to promote and develop good practice and professional development.  The day will be interactive and draw on case studies and other material suggested by participants.


    Wednesday 20th April 2005    Ref: SM1   Book Course

    Cost: �70

    Healers' support and development day

    A one-day workshop for experienced healers.  Topics covered include further techniques for healing practice and working with the dying.


    Wednesday 17th November 2004    Ref: HA1  Book Course

    Wednesday 22nd April 2005    Ref: HA2   Book Course

    Cost: �70

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    Introducing complementary therapies into a healthcare organisation 

    (stand alone course and core day for Certificate)

    Complementary therapies are becoming an integral part of high standard care for people with cancer at all stages of their illness.  They work hand-in-hand with medical care and improve tolerance to treatment and quality of life.  This day has been arranged to help medical centres to incorporate complementary therapies.

    It aims to identify the issues and provide practical ways of overcoming any barriers.

    Content includes:

    • developing a policy for your organisation
    • employing registered therapists
    • why complementary therapists are useful
    • legal implications


    Fri 12th Nov 2004    Ref: ICTN  Contact Us

    Fri 4th March 2005   Ref: ICT1  Contact Us

    Fri 22nd April 2005   Ref: ICTEH   Contact Us

    (residential - optional, at Emmaus House)

    Fri 17th Jun 2005    Ref: ICT2  Contact Us

    Fri 11th Nov 2005   Ref: ICT3  Contact Us

    Cost:  �70 (�35 for those registered on Certificate Course)

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    Massage - working with people with cancer

    A two-day workshop for qualified and experienced massage therapists with an interest in working with people with cancer.  It is often claimed that massage is contra-indicated for cancer.  Yet quality touch is often the very experience for which people with cancer yearn.  Reservations about massage and cancer are based on fear and ignorance of what cancer is and the effects on the body of medical and massage treatments.

    Equally important is the need for massage practitioners to examine their own fears of cancer before working with it. This workshop involves hands-on massage, practice, group work, role-play and information sharing.

    We will focus first on giving ourselves permission to touch by examining:

    • what cancer is and how we feel about it
    • concerns and benefits of massage & cancer
    • boundaries and the energetics of touch
    • holding and breathing, scar massage & simple lymphatic massage


    Thursday 11th & Friday 12th November 2004    Ref: MN  Book Course

    Thursday 16th & Friday 17th June 2005    Ref: M1  Book Course

    Cost: �140

    Suitable for:
    Qualified and experienced massage practitioners

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    Reflexology - working with people with cancer

    A two-day workshop for qualified and experienced reflexologists with an interest in working with people with cancer.

    The aims of the day are:

    • to enable participants to understand how reflexology can be used to support people with cancer at all points on their cancer journey.
    • to enable course members to adapt their existing reflexology skills appropriately for individual clients.

    While course content is outlined below, individual requests will be met wherever possible.  There will also be plenty of opportunity for discussion, and handouts will be available, and case studies used.

    Content includes:

    • how reflexoloyg can be used throughout the cancer journey to support people and promote well-being through treatment and recovery or palliative care.
    • the use of reflexology for symptom control.
    • guidelines for safe practice.
    • working within a healthcare or hospice setting.


    Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th November 2004    Ref: RXN   Book Course

    Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th June 2005    Ref: RX1   Book Course

    Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th November 2005    Ref: RX2   Book Course

    Cost:  �140

    Suitable for:
    Qualified and experienced reflexologists

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    "Bristol Cancer Help Centre advocates the use of massage for people with cancer as a vital source of comfort, nurture and healing for people in physical and emotional distress. 

    It is essential that clients feel positive about the potential of massage.  This means that massage therapists must be well trained, understand the special needs of people with cancer, and be confident in what they do. 

    That is why the Centre runs courses for complementary therapists in key disciplines - to give confidence to both the therapist and their clients."

    Andy Fagg

    Massage Therapist, MA, MTI, ITEC