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Celebrity Workshops and Lectures

An inspiring workshop with Professor Steve Wright on Healing Relationships

This lecture was held on Wednesday 28th April 2004 at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, and was a great success.  Professor Steve Wright frequently holds workshops at the Centre.  If you would like to be informed about his future, or any other workshops and lectures at the Centre please email us.

The aim of this day was to revisit the nature of the healing relationship, discuss how we might approach it differently and more deeply, and how we might attend more consciously to our own wholeness in healing work.

Those of us who work in the field of healing experience both the mystery of the process, and some of its challenges.  This workshop gave an opportunity to explore:

  • the nature and impact of healing relationships
  • what makes a "good" healing relationship
  • how we nurture trust, connection and compassion
  • the effects of the environment, context and meaning on healing
  • the factors at work within ourselves and those we seek to help

Using a variety of reflective and meditative approaches, we looked at the quality of healing relationships, and reflected on questions such as; How do we "keep our hearts open in hell" when we encounter human suffering in its many forms?  What of our own wounds do we bring to the relationship, and must we heal ourselves before proceeding?  And what of the ending of the healing relationship - what impact does it have upon ourselves and our patients and clients?

Cost:  �49 (included lunch)



"Healing and holism come from the same root word, and holistic care integrates every aspect of the healing context - physical, psychological, social, spiritual and beyond.  Integrated care needs integrated carers, the more whole and healed the carer, the more the potential for the healing  and wholeness of the patient - the two are fundamentally joined."

Rev. Prof. Stephen G Wright