Bristol Cancer Help Centre - Complementary Therapists

Complementary Therapists

Since the Bristol Cancer Help Centre opened in 1980 healthcare professionals and complementary therapists have been keen to learn more about the Bristol Approach and how to use this more in their own practice. We currently train over 500 professionals a year across a variety of disciplines and themes. We run courses in the following areas for complementary therapists.

We have a very experienced multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses and therapists working at the Centre, with great expertise in running successful courses for people with cancer. This has led to the development of courses and workshops that will enable complementary therapists to work more holistically and effectively with people with cancer and their supporters.

The developing NHS Supportive Care Strategy for cancer patients recognises the need for psychosocial support and complementary therapies, and the importance of developing a more integrated approach to cancer care. There is also a lot of interest in raising standards when it comes to helping complementary therapists who work with people with cancer to better meet the needs of those in their care.

The courses and workshops at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre will help to achieve this, as well as helping therapists to develop better strategies for their own work/life balance.

Advanced Courses

These are specifically for therapists with at least 2 years experience in practice, who wish to extend their specialist professional development to working with people with cancer.

Certificate in Working with People with Cancer

An innovative course which comprises 6 'core days' from our range of courses which give participants a wider understanding of cancer, how people are affected by their diagnosis; mainstream and complementary approaches to treatment and supportive care.

A formal accreditation for the Certificate course can now be undertaken as a work based module in collaboration with the University of the West of England.  An enhanced fee applies to cover the cost of the accreditation process and access to University resources.

Looking after your clients

We run a variety of different courses that will help you to develop skills to enable you to work more effectively with people with cancer.

Looking after yourself

We run a series of courses to help those who work with people with cancer to develop their own self-help regime to cope with any subsequent stress or distress.

To find out more about any of these courses please contact 0117 980 9520 or e-mail

"Bristol Cancer Help Centre advocates the use of massage for people with cancer as a vital source of comfort, nurture and healing for people in physical and emotional distress. 

It is essential that clients feel positive about the potential of massage.  This means that massage therapists must be well trained, understand the special needs of people with cancer, and be confident in what they do. 

That is why the Centre runs courses for complementary therapists in key disciplines - to give confidence to both the therapist and their clients."

Andy Fagg

Massage Therapist, MA, MTI, ITEC