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New Single Day Courses

We are delighted to introduce a new programme of single day courses starting in the autumn,  offering a greater range of support and help.

Are these courses suitable for me? They are available for everybody who has been touched by cancer - whether you are new to the Centre, or whether you have visited us before.

For those of you who have already participated in our 2-day Bristol Approach or 5-day Bristol Retreat residential programmes, these single day courses are more than just a refresher – they are designed to enable you to gain a deeper understanding, develop and improve your skills, and to provide you with more ideas and help. To find out more click the list below.



New Courses Titles:

1. Nutrition for People Living with Cancer

2. Self Help Techniques 1: Relaxation and Imagery

3. Self Help Techniques 2: Meditation and Breathwork
4. Self Help Techniques 3: Integrating Self Help Techniques Into Your Life

5. A Taste of the Bristol Approach (Half day with lunch)



Nutrition for People Living with Cancer
This day offers a basic grounding in the Bristol Approach to nutrition and diet together with details of the underpinning principles. You will be given exciting and original ideas to help you incorporate this approach to eating into your everyday life. With the opportunity to swap experiences and top tips with other course participants, we will look at how to follow a healthy eating plan that is stress-free and fun. The course is designed to give you the confidence and all the information you need to create a nourishing eating plan for yourself. To inspire you further you will have lunch from our award-winning kitchen!

Wed 19th July 2006
Wed 6th Sept 2006

Price: £60 more info on costs 

Self-Help Techniques 1, 2 and 3:

These are three single day courses and you can choose how many you take - take them singly, or do all three as a series. 


The aim of these courses is to teach the self-help techniques of relaxation, meditation and imagery. Though simple, these techniques can offer you tremendous support in daily life and during medical treatments. Research has demonstrated benefits of these skills to include:

  • improved quality of life
  • reduced anxiety and side effects from treatment
  • and an improved sense of control

Learning and utilising these skills will therefore enable you to take a key role in your treatment, recovery and improving your own health.


Each day will focus on a different aspect allowing you to pick and choose which skills you want to develop – or you can do all three to give yourself a solid grounding in the range of self-help techniques.


Self Help Techniques 1: Relaxation and Imagery

Relaxation is key in promoting health and wellbeing. Many of us think relaxation is sitting in front of the television - it isn’t! On this course you will experience and learn how to achieve a state of true relaxation for yourself. You will hear about the scientific principles which explain why relaxation is so vital for health and wellbeing. In addition you will learn about imagery, what it is and how it can support your healing process. Our aim is that you will leave refreshed and confident with the skills to use relaxation and imagery in your life.



Wed 18th Oct 2006

Price: £60 more info on costs


Self Help Techniques 2: Meditation and Breathwork

Meditation is a way of stilling the mind. It can be described as the way we gain awareness without thought and it has profound benefits. The more we practise meditation the more we go into happier, calmer, more reflective states of mind. On this course you will learn some simple meditation techniques to begin your practise with.


When in pain, nauseous or tense we tend to breathe in a shallow and rapid way which, itself, exacerbates these problems. The course will teach you breathwork techniques to initiate the relaxation response. This will help to reduce these symptoms and return you to better physiological balance - which will greatly improve your sense of wellbeing.



Wed 6th Dec 2006

Price: £60 more info on costs


Self Help Techniques 3: Integrating Self Help Techniques Into Your Life

If you have basic experience of relaxation, meditation and imagery, this course will help you deepen your practise and adapt it to your specific situation or needs. Using the experience of the course facilitators and group we will discuss hints and tips to help you develop your skills and overcome any struggles you are having.


Dates: Wed 17th May 2006

Price: £60 more info on costs



A Taste of the Bristol Approach (Half day with lunch)


This course enables you to get a flavour and overview of our therapeutic services It is tailored to those who are interested in our approach and would like to know more about what we do and how we do it. You will receive a brief introduction to the Bristol Approach and experience some of our self-help techniques, such as relaxation. You will also get to sample our delicious food.


By the end of the day you will have all you need to decide which of our services will best support you at this time.


Wed 27th Sept 2006

Price: £10 more info on costs


To discuss which course will best suit you, please ring our bookings department on
0117 980 9502 or

Self-Help Starter Pack
If you have a cancer diagnosis our Self-Help starter pack can help you get started immediately on things you can do to help yourself. The pack now includes a
new DVD & Audio CD. 

Special introductory price: £12.50 (Plus P&P)
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