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Follow-up Courses

The therapy team at Bristol Cancer Help Centre have developed "themed" follow-up courses for all those who have already been on a course at the Centre, and who would like to focus on specific aspects of the Bristol Approach.


Mini-Retreat for the Spirit
Developing Self-Help Techniques
"At Home" Days

Mini-Retreat for the Spirit

Course Leader:  Janet Swan, Senior Healer

An opportunity to take two days out from everyday life, refresh your spirit and find inner calm.

You will

  • have quiet time for personal reflection and sharing within the group.
  • deepen your understanding and practice of meditation, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help you soothe and boost your spirit.
  • benefit from an individual healing session.

This course will help you to return home inspired, replenished and reconnected to your spirit,

Duration:  2 nights and 2 days


16th - 18th January 2005 Contact Us

10th - 14th April 2005  Contact Us

Cost:  �350

Developing Self-Help Techniques

Course Leader: Ruth Benor Sewell, Senior Counsellor

To deepen your understanding and practice of relaxation, meditation and guided imagery/visualisation.

You will

  • be guided through exercises to develop confidence in your ability to use relaxation, meditation and guided imagery/visualisation techniques.
  • be helped to develop your imaginative processes and use all the senses to create practical ways of supporting you mind, body, spirit and emotions.
  • learn a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques for different situations.
  • be guided through improved breathing techniques to help with relaxation and meditation as a self-help tool.

An opportunity over two days to develop and deepen your practice of self-help techniques that are very effective tools for helping you to cope with living with cancer and its treatment.

Duration: 2 nights and 2 days


13th - 15th February 2005 Contact Us

18th - 20th May 2005 Contact Us

Cost:  �350


"At Home" Days

Each day will be lead by an experienced member of our therapy team.

This day gives people who have been to the Centre an opportunity to return for the day and reconnect with the spirit of the Bristol Approach, and to leave feeling refreshed with a renewed vision.

You will

  • experience meditation, relaxation and visualisation techniques to soothe and refresh.
  • have time for personal reflection and sharing within the group about how you have integrated the Bristol Approach into your daily life.
  • have time to explore needs and challenges you are facing at htis time.
  • leave with a renewed vision of the approaches you wish to include to support yourself on your return home.

Duration:  9.30am (for 10.00am start) to 4.30pm

Dates:  2nd February, 13th April and 22nd June 2005 Contact Us

Cost:  �50 including lunch.


To discuss which course will best suit you, please ring our bookings department on

0117 980 9502 or email us.


"When the leaflet arrived describing Bristol's short courses, I immediately thought 'that's exactly what I need'.  After two wonderfully nurturing and restorative days, I felt revived yet relaxed, ready to take on the world again, and looking forward to treating myself to another 'mini retreat'."

Nicky Jones