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Cancerpoint is a service for those living with cancer and their supporters in the Bristol, and local area.

What is Cancerpoint?

Cancerpoint offers people with cancer and their supporters individual sessions in a wide range of complementary therapies and self-help techniques.

To find out more download our leaflet.   

Which therapy is right for me?

To help you decide which therapy is right for you, we offer a free hour-long assessment, to ensure that you get the support and advice that you need. There is no obligation to take up services following this appointment.

The therapies we offer are:

aromatherapy massage - traditional massage using essential oils for additional benefits. Helpful for those with fatigue and who have difficulty relaxing.

art therapywe run short courses of Art Therapy throughout the year. If you are interested, please e-mail or call 0117 980 9556.

counselling - our counsellors are particularly experienced in helping to discover how best to help yourself to cope with cancer and treatment.

doctors consultation - the doctors session can provide a bridge between the world of mainstream and complementary medicine to support you in taking charge of your situation. Advice can be given on symptom control through complementary means.

guided imagery with music - a deeply relaxing session during which the therapist will help you to explore the ideas and impressions that arise as you listen to specially chosen classical music.

healing - it is a non-denominational therapy with a long tradition of helping people to boost energy levels. It does not claim to heal but to sustain, and to restore balance.

massage - traditional massage which aids relaxation and aches and pains.

meditation - meditation and the associated techniques of relaxation and visualisation can be taught individually or in small groups.

nutritional advice - nutrition is essential to help with recovery from treatment and maintain good health. Our therapists can give advice on food, vitamins and minerals.

relaxation - easy to learn techniques to improve relaxation, ease pain and reduce stress. This is taught either indiviually or in small groups.

shiatsu - a massage therapy from the Eastern tradition which helps energy to flow through the body. There is no need to undress, and is particularly helpful for those that are very fatigued. 

visualisation - visualisation is used to deepen relaxation, boost the immune system and manage symptoms of illness and side effects of treatment. Taught individually or in small groups.

How much does an appointment cost?

One appointment costs £35. Appointments last for 50 minutes and are held at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in Clifton. Directions

All sessions are available on a donation basis for those on low income.

Please note: before booking an individual therapy you will need to book a free initial introductory session with one of our team. This will give you an opportunity to discuss what it is you need, and they will help you choose the right therapy for you at this time.

How to book:

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please call 0117 980 9500 or e-mail.


We would love to receive any feedback from people who have used Cancerpoint, in order for us to continuously assess and improve those services we offer the community.  If you have any suggestions or comments please email

North Bristol Trust: Cancer Services Open Day
14th November 06 at The Centre for Medical Education, Southmead Hospital 10:00am - 3:30pm

Speakers will include Senior Nutritional Therapist at Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Elizabeth Butler and Karol Sikora, Professor and Scientific Director of Medical Solutions PLC (cancer diagnostic company).

Self-Help Starter Pack
If you have a cancer diagnosis our Self-Help starter pack can help you get started immediately on things you can do to help yourself. The pack now includes a new DVD & Audio CD. 

Special introductory price: £12.50 (Plus P&P)
Includes FREE CanHelpNow voucher worth £12.50 with every pack!
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Michelle Eve

"When I was undergoing intensive medical treatment I found it so useful to have Cancerpoint on my doorstep. Sometimes I just needed time for myself, and a massage or a healing really helped me to recharge".

Michele Eve