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Birthday Messages

�You justify and give hope � and where there is hope there is also life.� Anne Lipson, Shropshire

�Congratulations!! Thank you for helping my husband and I and so many of my friends with your inspirational caring.�  Hilary Albright, Worcestershire

�With very best wishes in your continuing work and care.� John Marshall Field, Somerset

�Thank heavens the Bristol Cancer Help Centre exists as it has helped so many of us and was a life saver to me.�  Anon

�Best wishes for a happy and successful birthday.�  Barbara Anderson, Powys

�Do keep up the good work. I have lovely memories of my time with you and 15 months on we are still in touch.�  Ann Long, Merseyside

�Having been involved since the early days before founding the Guildford Self-Help Support Group, it would be particularly nostalgic. May you have a wonderful day.�  Elisabeth Reed, Surrey

�I would like to wish the Bristol Cancer Help Centre a Happy Birthday and wish you all the very best for the future and continuation of the amazing work that you are doing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses I have done with you and it has made a lot of difference to me as a person and to the way I practise.� Sarah Williams MNIMH, Wiltshire

�I am convinced that Bristol were hugely influential in helping me recover from breast cancer and live a full life since cancer � many thanks and keep up the fantastic work you do� Christine Young, Berkshire

�Let�s hope I will be around to celebrate the 50th!!�  Paul White, Portishead

�Best wishes and thanks for the good work carved out over the last 25 years and being touched by it myself to such good effect�  Anon

�Very glad to have been part of the team earlier on. I still get positive feedback from �cancer winners�. Keep up the good work, have a happy celebration� Ann Procter, Somerset

�My very best wishes for a happy 25th birthday and may there be many more. What Bristol did for me was truly remarkable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart� Jane Smith-Pearse, Cambridgeshire

�With every good wish for the continued success of an inspired idea� Cynthia Howles, Kent

�Reaching your 25th birthday is indeed a great achievement. I first came to you over 20 years ago and I have never ceased to be profoundly grateful. I have watched you grow and overcome some difficult times. Your courage and devotion have been inspiring. You truly taught me how to live� Gillian Tonner, Gloucestershire

�May you continue to thrive and support life abundantly, courageously, lovingly and fearlessly � Happy Birthday� Jenni Adams, Devon

�Many Happy returns� Phyllis Cullen, London

�Wishing you a very happy birthday with many more successful years to come. Your help and support has made a vital difference to many lives� Jane Stokes, Somerset

�I wish the Bristol Cancer Help Centre a very happy birthday and many more of them in the years to come� Margaret Hanly, Lancashire

�May your birthdays, wisdom and strength go on forever. Thank you� Daphne Moody, Wiltshire

�May your good work continue. All the best� Gwynfryn Davies, Trelewis

�Thank you for your kind understanding help on the telephone � also, the residential course was superb� Jo Cundall, North Yorkshire

�Congratulations!! Keep up your good work� Gladys Davis, Harrow

�Thank you for all you many provisions and thank you for your library where books have been stepping stones to your greener banks� Anon

�Many happy returns � keep up the good work� Anon

�I cannot attend but will be thinking of you all� Penny Horner, Lancashire

�Twenty five years of providing a caring, healing safe haven. A very special place that I treasure memories of� Josephine Jones, West Midlands

�It has been some time since we were together, but, just like really good friends you are always there and are such a comfort� Carlota Pacey, Isle of Wight

�Happy happy birthday Bristol. Twenty five years of excellence. Every best wish for the future� Anon

�My best wishes go out to you and thank you for the good work you are doing� Mrs Sharples, Oxfordshire

�Congratulations on 25 years of giving people inspiration and hope to so many people� Sue and Robin Rumbelow, Bristol

�With love and blessings � to the Chairman, trustees and staff of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Congratulations on your 25th birthday, may the love and the peace you have shown so many continue for at the very least another 25 years� Anon

�Nine years since you turned my prospects around and put me on the healing trail � now at Jacob�s Well. I celebrate your loving care and focus� Sue Bennett, Dorset

�God Bless! May you continue to help people find peace and healing. Thank you for being there when I needed you� Heather Shillingford, Devon

�I want to wish you every success in the future. My visits to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre were inspirational! Thank you� Anne Marie Flynn, Armagh

�Congratulations on reaching 25 years. Good luck for the future at Eden Grove� Pam Rippon, Bristol

�Thank you for providing a safe place where so many of us feel free to talk, and also enjoy a bit of pampering� Shirley McFarlane, Bristol

�I do hope the day goes well and I am very grateful for all the help I have received and am receiving from the Centre� Alan Glasspoole, Suffolk

�I will never forget the help the Bristol Cancer Help Centre gave me during a difficult time last year� Anon

�It�s fantastic to be a part of the team during this very special year� Johanna Whitehead, Bristol

�Congratulations and best wishes for the next 25 years� Andrew Greenhill, Hampshire

�Congratulations on 25 years. I hope the next 25 years are just as successful� John Keeler, West Yorkshire

�Happy Birthday � may your courses continue to be a turning point � a new birth � we are all terminal � what counts is how we use this gift � life� Ian Dixon, Surrey

��May your road rise up to meet you� � with thanks for helping me repair the holes in my life� Penny Hill, Southampton

�Very best wishes to the Centre for all their help in a time of need and for helping to change my life� Professor Diana Leonard, London

�Thank you for giving me quality of life instead of anxious survival. Your staff and treatments are an inspiration to clients and supporters� Shura Simons, Cornwall

�Congratulations on 25 years of caring, helping, supporting ad guiding so many people and giving them the courage and faith to fight this deadly disease� Pamela Law, Surrey

�I enjoyed my two visits to Bristol and definitely benefited from the experience. Perhaps I will be back next year� Hilda Donaldson, Edinburgh

�Thank you for being there when I needed you and special thanks to Barbara Siddell. Congratulations on your 25 years �a wonderful achievement� Jennifer Grinney, Devon

�Thank you for giving me permission to grieve over my incurable cancer. Afterwards I was able to climb out of the pit: and now I live with each day joyfully� Anne Trist, Southsea

�Thank you for spreading such hope� Brenda Simpson, East Sussex

�Congratulations on your 25th Birthday. All the best wishes for the year ahead. Thank you to all at Bristol Cancer Help Centre for all the help and support I have received. I am deeply grateful� Aileen Cook, West Midlands

�In September 1994 I visited you as a last resort. I was very ill and not expected to survive. With the help of my husband who made sure I followed your regime and also took the appropriate vitamins etc. To everyone�s amazement I am still here � one of your successes� Anon

�I cannot speak highly enough of the help and comfort we received from you during my husband�s illness. It is a service which should be available to all who are faced with a terminal illness� Anon

�I hope you have a wonderful, happy day and I send all my good wishes� Paula Britton, Worcestershire

�Thank you for being there � a great source of information about health and wellbeing� Anon

�Tremendous thanks and good wishes to the Centre on this special occasion!� Moira Domaille, Wakefield

�In 1998 I had hit rock bottom, things seemed hopeless. Thanks for the rescue remedy, eternally grateful� Peter Travis, Bolton

�Through the vision of Penny Brohn and Pat Pilkington the world is a better place� Anon

�Congratulations on surviving and thriving. Together we can do it� Jill Wood, Devon

�The Centre was an essential part of my on-going recovery � everyone should have a weekend there. It is life changing � literally� Rob Brown, Sheffield

�Each day I say a thank you to the Bristol team, it has meant so much� Michael Nicol, Worcestershire

�Congratulations on 25 years of steadfast work� Anon

�So glad you exist� Jutta Muller, Hereford

�In years you may be but 25 years old, but already your standards are not silver but gold. The future looks bright for all in your care, Best wishes for you is assuredly my prayer� Toni Lester, Sutton Coldfield

�Thank you Bristol for helping me to become a victor instead of a victim and for giving me a life I never expected to have. I will never be able to thank you enough� Sandy Rowles, Milton Keynes

�Thank you for the invaluable support and guidance received 19 years ago when my chances of surviving 5 years were put at 30%. Congratulations to all Centre staff, both past and present, on the successes of your first quarter century� Sarah Hughes, Bristol  

�For a quarter of a century the Help Centre has been a haven of hope, a sanctuary of support and a reason to live� Walter and Deirdre Browning, Bristol 

�Thank you again for all your help and support 5 years ago and for equipping me to live my life to the full. Keep up all your wonderful work. With love� Liz Wallace, Reading

�My congratulations to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and dedicated staff for 25 wonderfully successful years. May the future be even more successful in reaching out to people and saving lives. With love and gratitude� Elke Storey, Somerset

�Congratulations for your 25th Birthday, may your Centre continue to touch the lives of many people to be positive and take control of their future and the present. It is a wonderful place, thank you for everything� Sheila Bendall, Devon

�Sincere thanks for your support to me on my cancer journey. Best wishes for many, many more years of success� Kathy Newitt, Warwickshire

��Love is the blossom where there blows � everything that lives and grows� (Giles Fletcher). Love to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre on your 25th birthday� Sue Boyd, Bristol  

�Nine years on and I�m still in the land of the living. Many thanks to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre for guidance, support and love in a time of crisis. Life after cancer is full of wonder and magic�.� Sarah Benn, Cheshire

�Bristol Cancer Help Centre provided comfort, inspiration and encouragement to my sister when she was ill. It is a very special place - both calm and uplifting at the same time� Elspeth May, Northamptonshire

�My heartfelt good wishes for the 1st October and for your future work, touching the lives of people at a vulnerable time. I know the difference you make� Vivien Neville, Cambridge

�Your talents and gentleness have carried you through these years to support, care and give hope to all. Thank you. After seven long years, I am now in remission� Theresa Gillbard, Bath

�Congratulations on 25 successful years. Wishing the Centre many more to come� Kathy Colenso, Bristol Cancer Help Centre

�Happy happy birthday and please don�t ever give up� Tiggy Roberts, Bristol

�Thank you for offering my late sister so much love and support during our stay in June 2004. I will always be very grateful� Anon

��Happy birthday to a revolutionary organisation. Long may you reign!� Jill Miller, Somerset

�Congratulations on all you have achieved and all best wishes for the future� Anon

�You are a great organisation and have helped me and others� Michael Lansley Neale, Hampshire

�Congratulations not only on staying the course but in being at the forefront of an alternative treatment, putting the �patient� in charge� Julian Fitter, Dorset

�Thank you for being a beacon of light for the last 25 years and a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine for cancer care� Anon

�Congratulations to Bristol Cancer Help Centre and best wishes for many more inspirational years to come� Janet Ainsworth, Warwickshire

�With my best wishes to everyone. I just thank you for being there when I need you the most. I can still visualise the candle in the relaxation room and feel calm� Anon

�Keep up the good work; you are doing a terrific job� Durham & District Women�s Cancer Support Group

�I will always be grateful to the Centre staff for their support over the last 22 years to the Manx Cancer Help Association and to myself as an ex-patient� Eve Berridge, Isle of Man

�Very best wishes for a wonderful day of celebration� Anon

�We regret we are unable to attend the service, which will be as special as the wonderful people who make the Bristol Cancer Help Centre so extraordinary� Mr and Mrs Alan Pegley, Buckinghamshire

�Many, many happy returns!! Keep up your wonderful. Inspiring work and thank you for bringing me something positive out of my diagnosis� Madeleine Gair, West Yorkshire

�Many congratulations on your 25th birthday. It�s great to know that you are there and have helped so many people through very hard times. You are all wonderful people. Thank you so much� Anon

�Congratulations on 25 years of invaluable help. My time at Bristol changed my life. If only the NHS could be more like you!� Gill Payne, Kent

�You are a haven for me, a place where special things happen. All the love that is so manifest there provides such a healing energy that can�t fail to touch everyone who comes there. You are VERY special� Amanda Crees, Great Yarmouth

�You were a tremendous help from day one, and many of the changes we adopted are now a permanent part of our lives - healthy living, Bristol style!� Anon

�Congratulations on your 25th birthday! It has been a pleasure to have volunteered at the Centre and I wish you another successful 25 years to come� Rebecca Humphreys, Bristol

�Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. The help you provide for cancer patients is excellent, long may it continue� Mary Meehan, London

�There is so much to praise at Bristol � the calm soothing environment the lovely caring staff �for me, it was the physical and spiritual guidance that will always remain as the most important contribution Bristol has made to my life. Happy Birthday� Diane Wales, London

�Happy birthday and thank you for the wonderful work you do � long may it continue� Anon

�You were there for me at my lowest and made me whole again. Have a very happy 25th birthday! Keep the love flowing� Anon

�Bristol was a life changing experience. May the Centre continue to meet future needs� Anon

�My husband�s and my time spent with you at Bristol changed our attitude to cancer. We learnt to �live� with it and the �few months� prognosis turned into 5 wonderful years. We did many things � visited many places and were thankful for the extra time God gave us � we never stopped telling each other and all our family and friends how dear they were to us. Thank you for your help in our dark days, you showed us the sunshine� Anon

�Sorry I won�t be able to attend but I will be thinking of all the people you have helped (myself included) during your 25 years � with grateful thanks� Pam Baddeley, Gloucestershire

�It�s wonderful to see that the work Penny Brohn and Pat Pilkington is now so widely recognised and acknowledged. Thank you for saving my life!� Rita Prior, Gloucestershire

�Many happy returns and returns and returns. So many people are drawn to return again and again to this lovely healing place� Jenny Lait, Bristol

�I am grateful to be a volunteer healer and may the Centre continue for many many more years and birthdays. Best wishes� Jane Ballantyne, Bristol

�Working at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre changed my life and consequently the lives of those around me. I am still proselytising 15 years after leaving!� Anon

�Grove House and the people of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre are very special � an oasis of comfort� Sheila Walton, Bedfordshire

�It is a real pleasure to work for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and I hope we can look forward to celebrating its 50th birthday! Many happy returns!� Sarah Brown, Bristol

�I came on a short residential course in February 2003, and since them I have tried to build the practices and advice into my daily routine. The cancer journey has changed my life � in many ways it is now richer, calmer and more fulfilling � and Bristol Cancer Help Centre has been a big part of those positive changes. Thank you Bristol� Anon

�I am unable to attend the birthday service, but I am sure you will have a very uplifting time� Anon

�Many congratulations Bristol Cancer Help Centre, on reaching your 25th anniversary. I shall be forever grateful for the help, advice and love I have received so many years ago� Betty Hickman, Minehead

�Thanks and congratulations to those people whose inspiration gave birth to the Centre and to the caring staff who gave love and support to those in need. Long may it flourish!� Karin McDougall, London

�I wish you all the continuing happiness of enhancing life � and that the hope and joy you bring to other people may also be your own. And lots of love!" Ann Watkins, London

�You are there when I need you. You help me to be calm and centred� Anon

�I shall always be grateful to you for the help and encouragement you gave me when I attended a short course with you in spring 2000� Henry Moss-Blundell

�Happy, happy birthday! You are an exceptional organisation which every cancer sufferer needs. I thank you from my heart for your help in my recovery for NHL� Peter Leicester, Surrey

�As you know we are delighted to be able to support your hard work and vision through the business and we look forward to continuing this association for many years to come� Anon

�I send love and best wishes to you all� Norma Wilson, Bristol  

�Happy birthday! Thank you for being the best place for us all these years� Esther Fried, London

�The support, knowledge and expertise you have given me and my partner have been invaluable � it�s been so important to be able to trust what you offer and I feel a lot of my physical and mental health has improved as a direct result of treatment� Anon

�Congratulations on achieving 25 years and helping so many to live with hope� Anon

�Bristol Cancer Help Centre provides a positive attitude to cancer combined with a sense of peace. Long may their work continue� Natalie King, Surrey

�Congratulations � what wonderful work you all do!� Mr and Mrs Kevin Abbey, Bristol  

�Very best wishes to all concerned. Have a great day. Wishing you every success for future prosperity� Anon

�Many many thanks for all your support and providing a safe haven in my darkest days. Here�s to the next 25 years and beyond� Angela Wands, Fife

�Congratulations! I come every week and have received much help � long may the Centre continue� Anon

�Coming to the Bristol Centre was the start of turning my life around. Thank you!� Julia Goddard, Windsor

�Happy birthday and may there be many more to continue the help that you give to people like me!� Amanda Myer, Oxfordshire

�My heartfelt thanks evermore for the inspiration you gave my beloved daughter Alice to love the last few months she had left with the belief it was all worthwhile� Beryl Howe, Wiltshire

�Very best wishes � thank you for all your hard work!� Anon

�Happy birthday! You were wonderful � thank you so much for being there when I needed you. You are a fount of great wisdom and compassion� Kate Francis, Sheffield

�Happy birthday Bristol Cancer Help Centre � an amazing bunch of people doing extra-ordinary work! Here�s to a future where the approach becomes accessible to more people!� Joanne Watkins, Swindon

�Thank you for the positive yet gentle message that the centre gives out. It was a creative link in my return to help.� Sara Wheatley, Malmesbury

�Congratulations, here�s to the next 25 years� Anon

�Here�s looking forward to 2030� I hope we�ll still be here�or everywhere (or better still, not needed!)� Frank Taylor, Bristol Cancer Help Centre

�Happy birthday, hope the day will be successful. You do a wonderful job� Christel Lane, Durham

�We�re so glad to know you! You changed our lives!� Sheran Hutton, Cornwall

�Thanks for all your wonderful work� Anon

�Thank you for helping me to deal with my illness and showing me new ways of living� Anon

�All the best for another 25 years� Anon

�I might be alive for the 50th birthday (will be 97!). However, without the help of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre I�m not so sure I�d be here now. A very happy birthday and many, many thanks� Mary Steward, Essex

�Happy birthday to a wonderful organisation. I have stayed at the centre many times and I attribute my ability to cope with secondary breast cancer (5 years now) to the positive attitude, diet, complementary therapies and all the information I acquired from staff at the Centre and the support of the group. Many thanks to all of you� Maree Buckland, Warwickshire

�Happy birthday Bristol ad may you have many many more. The surgeon and oncologist sorted out my body but you were there to pick up the emotional, frightened wreck that was me � six years later I am well, strong, happy and fulfilled � thanks a million� Suzy Whitehead, Cheshire

�Congratulations on 25 years of helping people to live well with cancer. May you continue forever. Thank you� Margaret Kerr, Somerset

�Wishing you another 25 years of Enlightenment (with a little help!) you�re a star!� Frances Boyes, Northamptonshire

�Like a good friend � thank you for being there when I needed you. May the friendship continue. Happy birthday� Barbara Cashmore, Stafford

�A very happy birthday with love and thanks for all your care and support� Anon

�Many fruitful and encouraging returns� Mr and Mrs Ian Hoddell, Bristol   

�Please keep up the good � you were an inspiration to my late husband and myself� Elizabeth Ramsay, Staffordshire

�Just how many lives has this wonderful place put back together?? Warmest birthday wishes� Trish Hill, Shropshire

�Congratulations on the 25th � keep up the wonderful work� Diana Moran, Shepperton

�Long may you continue to be blessed, and have many more birthdays ahead. Thank you Bristol Cancer Help Centre for giving me the best days of my life� Caroline McCone, Ceredigion

�You have helped me save my life � I feel like I�m coming home every time I visit � from going to the loo, eating lunch and all the therapies. A heartfelt thank you� Anon

�Long may you continue in your wonderful supportive work for cancer sufferers and their families� Gillian King, Wiltshire

�Congratulations on reaching your 25th birthday. May the Bristol Cancer Help Centre continue to help many more people and flourish for many years to come� Susan and John Battrick, Norfolk

�Thank you for being there when we needed you most. Bristol Cancer Help Centre offered us a life line for which we are grateful� Robin Worthington and Harriet Karsh, Buckinghamshire

�Please carry on with your excellent work� Anon

�Many happy returns of the day. I am grateful for the time spent with you and the knowledge I learnt. I will be heading for what I call my 8th birthday. Thank you. I have several special memories of my first visit to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre which help me along my path� Liz Denham, Kent

�Sorry I can�t make it � I hope to be returning to work then. Thanks in most part to all the valuable lessons learnt at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre � thank you �keep up the fantastic work. Happy birthday � I keep you all in my prayers � I arrived at Bristol broken and left with optimism and HOPE� Susan Sacree, Suffolk

�I want to send many happy and heartfelt returns for all the love and care you have given out to me and so many others � you represent life and hope, even though the bleakest times � you help us to live � and die � in love and peace accepting all� Verity Hawkes, London

�Happy birthday! Thank you so much for your inspirational help on my path to recovery� Christine Cooke, West Sussex

�Best wishes and here�s to the next 25 years� Dr and Mrs Brian O�Donovan, Chichester  

�Keep up the good work� Mr and Mrs Andrew Burn, Bristol

�With thanks for your good work� Anon

�To a very special friend, you have changed my life. Happy birthday. Love, affection and gratitude� Girish and Jackie Patel, Hampshire

�Twenty five years of touching people�s lives in many wonderful ways � now you are grown-up and getting bigger � your influence will help so many more� Guy and Janice Perkins, Devizes

�Long may you continue to give the help, to restore the hopes, to lift the spirits, to provide the care and friendship where needed� Ivan East, Hampshire

�Whatever I write here will for me seem inadequate. You helped me to live with cancer and gave me the strength, resolve and the weapons to fight back. Thank you� Gerald Nevin, Hampshire   

�Continue your good work� Victor Stearn, Kent

�I will always appreciate all that you did for my wife Tess in helping her to cope mentally with her ovarian cancer and her eventual death on 28th May 1997� Peter Tayler, Norfolk

�Four weeks after diagnosis and subsequent mastectomy I came to Bristol. The caring, positive attitude, knowledge and real concern that I experienced that weekend saw me through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and serious clinical depression. Now almost five years later I am well, happy and positive. Thank you Bristol� Susan Nickells, Monmouthshire

�Your help provided a vital part of my healing. God bless you all and help you to continue your wonderful work� Paul Minton, Berkshire

�Congratulations on reaching 25 years and my very best wishes for the future and the next 25 years� Pauline Brierley, Bristol 

�Thank you for my new and wonderful life� Anon

�Sorry I can�t be there to wish you �many happy returns� in person but I�m sure many other committed supporters, like me, will be there� Peter Little, Wiltshire

�Congratulations on your special birthday. The dedication of you all has provided a sanctuary of peace and understanding and gave me time with my darling mum that I will never forget� Fiona Bulpitt, Worcestershire

�For those who need love, light and hope - you give it. It�s a comfort to know the Centre is there for those when they need it. Thank you with love� Sandra Allwood, North Devon

� Keep up the good work� Anon

�You have given hope, inspiration and love to many thousands who have discovered through you that there is a whole new richer world to discover. Thank you from the bottom of my heart� Jonnie Taylor, Oxfordshire

�Thank you for your help and caring, you provided emotional support, practical advice and a means to look forward at a very bleak time in our lives. Happy birthday and good wishes for all future work� Caroline Hawkes, Bedfordshire

�May there be many more enabling you to continue the excellent work that you do� Brian Pirrie, Hampshire

�The Bristol Cancer Help Centre has done a wonderful job in bringing a new understanding and vision to cancer patients. Long may it continue� Anthony Neate, Worcestershire

�I wish I could be with you all on this very special day. It was a wonderful day when you and Penny decided to go ahead with the truly remarkable world famous venture. It was lovely to meet you at the �mini-retreat for the spirit� last October� Beatrice Rossiter, Bath

�Thank you so much � you changed my life around after breast cancer and I am still going strong and cancer free after 7 years! Happy birthday Bristol!� Diana Yates, Buckinghamshire

�Congratulations and best wishes for many more years! Thank you� Marian Dawes, Birmingham

�Life before cancer or BC was pretty ghastly but with a visit to BCHC in 1985 meant rebirth in a very profound way. I am now a Buddhist and have healed my relationship with my family. No cancer for 20 years, thank you BCHC� Anon

�Congratulations and sincere thanks for all the love and care I received at Bristol which has sustained me over many years� Lilian Foden

�Many congratulations on reaching this milestone. May your success continue. The world�s a better place for all the good you do and all the hope you inspire�  Kathleen Easton, Bristol 

�Thank you for providing such excellent support for partners and families affected by cancer.� Kym Robertson, Bristol

�Thank you for leading the way in helping people come to terms with cancer � may your light always shine� Graham Bloy, Bristol

�Thanks very much for existing and giving me so much calmness and relaxation and happiness whilst coping with my illness. What you do is beautiful. Many happy returns� Nicola Gravestock, Bristol 

�Keep up the good work� A McMillan, Bristol

�All blessings for continued excellent and loving work of transformation and health!� Carol Haywood, Bristol  

�My stay at Bristol in October 1989 changed my life. Thank you all. I�m still cancer free and incorporate most of the Bristol ideas into my daily life� Janice Harper, Birmingham

�Thank you for your wonderful support when I really needed it� Ann Fletcher, Bristol 

�With every good wish for your 25th birthday� Anon

�I do hope the Garden is being looked after it had such a wonderful sense of peace. Thank you� Anon

�Hope you all have a momentous and memorable occasion. Carry on with all the excellent good work� Rosalie Waldron, Bath

�Many more pioneering years!� Marian Liebmann, Bristol

�A huge thank you to everyone involved with the Centre since the beginning to the present day. You are all not only saving but enriching lives� Nicky Jones, Hertfordshire

�Happy Birthday and thank you for being there for us when my husband was diagnosed. Your love, advice and support have been a source of great strength to us and we will be forever grateful.� Helen Robson, Oxford

�Happy 25th birthday, I wish you many more. Fifteen years ago I spent one week at the Centre supporting my late friend Lyn Window. I know how much Lyn felt she had benefited from her time with you. I was a student social worker at that time and I would like you to know that my career was profoundly influenced by my experience. I have often recommended The Bristol Help Centre to many people over the years. Good luck for your future.� Jeana Mortensen, Essex

�Best wishes for the next 25 years; keep up the excellent work� Dr. Chris Perrett, London

�Congratulations on 25 years of helping so many people through their illness. Wishing you as much success in the future as you continue in your work.�
Grace Heavens, Bristol

�Congratulations! Here�s to another wonderful 25 years.� Angela Davis, London

�Your life-changing centre deserves a Very Happy Birthday! Long may you continue the transformational, loving work you and all the staff do. Thank you.� Suzanne Sheridon, Windsor

�A big thank you for all the help I�ve received from the Cancer Help Centre � a wonderful 3 day visit, encouraging my positive thinking, and your promise of prayers. Bless you all.� Rose Tylee, Swindon

�The Bristol Cancer Help Centre will always be regarded as being in the vanguard of holistic centre care.� Sandra Goodman PhD, Portsmouth

�Thank you for empowering me- so that I don�t just receive treatment, but actively contribute to my body�s health.� Elisabeth Rousell, Woodstock

�Thank you for being all that you are. May the light of hope you offer continue to shine brightly.� Anna Gahlin, Bath

�Congratulations! Thank you for being there. You have brought much beauty, quality and support into my life. May you continue to bless cancer patients for many years to come, and go from strength to strength!� Rada Ristic, London

�In June 1986 while I was having orthodox treatment for breast cancer, I came to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. What I learned there helped me to see the possibility of changing my approach to living. Since then my life is becoming more happy, rich and meaningful in ways I would never have dreamed of. I am glad I had cancer.� Anon

�Congratulations on your 25th Birthday. The Bristol Cancer Help Centre is helping tremendously to people to fight the cancer, proving that you can live with cancer, and can lead a normal life.� Nayana Gandhi, Bedford

�A very Happy Birthday to a wonderful organisation � and many more to come! My cancer was the start of a new path for me and the Bristol Cancer Help Centre opened the gate. Thank you.� Zana Lamount, Ayr

�I�m so sorry that I�m away on a tour with a play, and I can�t be with you to celebrate your amazing silver birthday. You have given golden care to so many and helped and uplifted patients and carers alike. Glory be to God for you.� Maureen Lipman CBE, London

�Whenever I get a call from a new person at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre, or meet a person there for the first time I always tell the about the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. We include information about the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in the information pack we give everyone who visits us.
I frequently take information from the �Centrepiece� and your �Canhelpnow� booklet to include in our newsletter. I often phone your Centre for advice or information or to check out a product. To us at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre the Bristol Centre is our mentor � we listen to what you say, write and advise and you give us guidance on all sorts of things.
Everyone at our Centre who has visited your Centre returns full of enthusiasm, wanting to make many changes to their lifestyle to help them combat the cancer.� Ann Dingley, Co-ordinator, Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

�Congratulations and all good wishes for your next 25 years.� Jane Walters, Sudbury

�I pray that the marvellous work that the Centre does gets all the support it truly deserves.� Anon

�Congratulations on giving so many people hope where have existed, and showing them a positive way forward.� Rosemarie Beames, Portishead

�Thank you for giving my life back to me! With all my love to all.� Pat Woodhurst, Keighley

�The �people� in the Centre who cared for me are unique � their understanding, caring and spirituality is so special. You all set such a wonderful example to the Cancer arena internationally, bless you. Thank you.� Rosemary Kaplan, Devizes

�The Cancer Help Centre gave me kindness, knowledge, compassion and most of all, hope when I needed it most. I thank you with all my heart.� Claire Marchionne, Reading

�Happy Birthday and may the wonderful work continue for another 25 years and more.� Anon

�Thank you for your great contribution to the field over the past 25 years, and for the direction and inspiration which got me on the path to a life free of cancer.� John Way, London

�Over the past years the Centre has done wonders to improve the quality of life of countless people affected by cancer and today continues to provide a tremendous source of help and inspiration both locally and nationally. I wish them well for the next 25 years!� Anon

�May the next 25 years witness the help and inspiration you offer reaching ever more widely diverse group of people.� Nick Britten, Exeter

�Members of Soroptimist International send you congratulations to you for 25 years of service and care to cancer patients. May your success continue to grow.� Liz Frier, Nailsea

�Happy Birthday Bristol Cancer Help Centre, and thank you for all the help and support you have given to so many people over the years.� Liz Hart, Wokingham

�Congratulations on 25 years proving that complimentary therapies alongside conventional treatments vastly increase a patients well being, self esteem, health and survival, but most of all thank you for the loving and caring way that message is incorporated to all who visit and contact the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.� Mildred Beaver, Budleigh Salterton

�May you continue to go from strength to strength so you can continue to give hope, support, encouragement and healing to those who would otherwise feel helpless and hopeless.� Anon

�Many thanks for all the support over the years for those in need and for those helping the Centre. The centre always offers a �silver lining�.� Victoria Kubiak, Clevedon

�Congratulations on your wonderful achievement, may the next years be twice as good, if not better.� Ann Moyes, Hounslow

�Enjoy the 25th celebrations. You all do an amazing �job� and give many people a vital help line. Your motivation, knowledge and expertise in changing attitudes shows no bounds.� Anon

�All is well with my health, thanks to you all, and I am now 80 years old, so have done well � so far!� Anon

�May God bless you in your work.� Carole Stainton, Halifax

�My very best wishes to Bristol and thanks for all their help and encouragement in my hours of need.� Val Lee, Newton Abbot

�Congratulations on reaching a quarter of a century, with continued success for the future.� Anon

�With all my best wishes and congratulations on 25 wonderful years.� Anon

�Thank you for the help and guidance you have given to all who have passed through the doors of the centre over the last 25 years.� Susanne Prentice, Snodland

�Many happy returns to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. With many more to come. May it keep on going to help others with cancer as it has helped me.� Sandra Rumney, Soilbull

�So sorry I cannot be with you today, but I rejoice with you in the celebration of this wonderful birthday celebration with my heart and soul: with thanks giving and sincerest prayers for the future of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.� Dr. Margaret Maister, Spalding

�Many Happy returns of the day. Continue with your service, I have found it very beneficial.� Anon

�Many, many happy returns and thank you for all the wonderful service you do.� Pam Man, Amersham

�The Bristol Cancer Help Centre has a 25 (at least) year history and I now have a 20 year cancer history. There have been many �Gentle Giants� in my life, too, and the people of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre have been collectively the highest.� Kate Pollard, Bristol

�I feel very privileged to have experienced the positive attitude and caring environment of the centre: keep up the good work!!� Jill O�Dwyer, Bristol

�Please continue to give hope, love and the ability to let go for another 25 years!� Kathleen Miodownik, Richmond

�Sorry that I will be unable to attend. I will be walking in Tuscany � something I wouldn�t have considered if it hadn�t been for the support of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.� Lynn Roffee, Leicester

�Many congratulations for your 25th birthday and for your new home at Eden Grove in the appropriately named village of Pill in Somerset, and very best wishes for the next 25 years. My late parents, Tim and Mustica Tiley helped start the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and would be very proud of all that you have achieved so far.� Michel Tiley, London

�Happy, Happy Birthday. I will always be so grateful for the wonderful care, guidance and information at Bristol. But most of all for the fantastic staff � oh and the food!� Judy Wood, Nottingham

�9 years after your help when I had two primary cancers, I relish my birthdays and years with delight and gratitude.� Helen Winnifrith, Shipston on Stour

�Thank you all so much for the truly wonderful and healing care you give with so much love and laughter. You help me enjoy life more than ever.� Tim Chandler & Kate Fraser, Bristol

�This world is changed by people with vision. Thank you all for your vision, energy and commitment. It has changed the world.� Adrian Baker, Kingswood

�You changed my life. You are light years ahead of your time. I have totally adopted your methods and philosophies. I am nearing the end of training as a nutritional therapist. Long may you contrive to help, inspire and heal.� Christine Parks, Tamworth

�Even now, eight years after being lucky enough to experience �the Bristol Approach� I am still overwhelmed by my good fortune. Thank you for every birthday you have given me!� Susan Cross, Grantham

�Many thanks for your splendid work, long mat it continue.� Larjorie Asprey, Malvern

�Thank you Bristol Cancer Help Centre, keep going!� Marcia Watson, Bracknell

�Please continue with your wonderful work.� Susan Jamieson, Kintbury

�Wishing you all a Happy 25th Birthday. Many congratulations and hope the next 25 years are even more successful.� Peter Howe, London

�Thank you for caring.� Jenny Hill, Pinner

�Thank you for changing my life.� Keith Hudson, London

�When so much seemed lost, you showed me a path, gave me and so many others hope and inspiration � and I have never lost it! Happy Birthday Bristol.� Anon

�Thank you for your help and support. May you continue to grow and prosper to enable you to enrich and support cancer sufferers� lives.� Terri Sullivan, Essex

�Congratulations on the first 25 years to all those who make and have made the Bristol Cancer Help Centre what it is. The residential course I did transformed my attitude to cancer. I learned I could beat it and that gave me the impetus to pull our all the stops and try! I have taken on board a lot of what I learned and feel strong instead of scared. Many thanks and good luck for the next 25 years!� Anon

�Happy Birthday to a place of inspiration, hope and love.� Lucy Briers, Hampton

�A very special thanks for being a great source of support during a difficult period of my life. A very happy birthday on your special day and many, many more in the future.� Doris Campell, London

�Congratulations! So much done for so many people!� Vivian Stone, Bristol

�I will you all the best for your celebration and will be thinking of you. I�m sorry I won�t be able to attend as I am shortly due to star more chemo as my cancer has returned.� Anon

�Joyous congratulations to the wonderful Bristol Cancer Help Centre, its brilliant staff and many grateful beneficiaries. May you go from strength to strength. With love and thanks.� Deborah Gore, Harpenden

�Congratulations on achieving this landmark Birthday. You must be so proud of what has been achieved for so many cancer sufferers. Good luck with your future programme of work.� Mr & Mrs Marvel, Bristol

�Happy Birthday and thank you. Your practical advice and emotional support have helped me live with cancer � keep up the good work!� Marilyn Kirk, Gillingham

�Thank you for the advice and support you gave me in the early scary days after diagnosis of secondary cancer. Four years on I am still well and very grateful for each day.� Anon

�Happy birthday to a very special place.� Judith Crisp, Taunton

�Happy birthday, Bristol Cancer Help Centre. I look forward to the next 25 years of your wonderful and inspiring work for so many people in need.� Dr. Nicola Hembry, Bristol
�Congratulations on all the wonderful work that has been done over the past 25 years, bringing light into many lives. Let the next 25 continue to be as inspiring.� Angela Blezard, Okehampton

�A time for celebration of hope, love and compassion. A time for celebrating the past, present but especially the future. Happy Birthday Bristol!� Georgina Catling, Aylesbury

�Having been given a poor prognosis in 2000, I came to you in 2001 � you gave me inspiration, broadened my horizons, and hope. I came away feeling positive and cared for. Thank you, and I�m still here!� Margaret Hagan, Tadley

�Wish you much luck, guidance and break throughs from now and the future.� Joy Johnson, Bristol

�Hope the next 25 years are as successful as the last.� Anon

�With every best wish for your continued success.� Len Bamber, Cheltenham

�All good wished for the future, and thanks for the help given.� Vera Payne, Stockport

�Thank God for our Centre. We pray for you and love you. May love and gifts keep coming.� Elisabeth Ratiu, London

�Congratulations, I hope that many more people will continue to be inspired by you and become more positive in their approach, stronger but not so strong they refuse help that is gladly given, think of themselves as well as others and do their best for themselves by taking supplements, gentle exercise and relaxation treatments. I now do, thanks to you and the quality of my life has been transformed.� Hazel Ford, Brentwood

�You changed my whole attitude to my illness and my life since. 3 years ago I was diagnosed � now living life to the full. A heartfelt thank you.� Louise Witcutt, Walsall

�What a blessing you have been to so many people touched by the big �C� � warmest congratulations on your 25 years, and every good wish for the future. From just one of the many you have helped, a heartfelt and sincere thank you. With all blessings.� Anon

�25 years offering hope and inspiration � thank you.� Rachel Stewart, Woodbridge

�Congratulations on helping change world-opinion on cancer. Dr Rosy Daniel�s �the cancer directory� updates present knowledge and affects choices to all.� Nyari Joy North, Cumbria

�You are doing wonderful work. Good luck for the next 25 years.� Nicholas Chapman, Colchester

�Warmest congratulations on 25 years of caring and giving us hope and encouragement! Very best wishes for the future.� Margaret Smeeth, Plymouth

�Many congratulations � keep up this splendid work which is a wonderful service to all concerned.� Anon

�Congratulations on your success. I hope it continues for you all.� Anon

�A million thanks for your wonderful support over twenty years. Love and blessings for the future.� Anita Haynes, Petersfield

�Happy birthday, Grove House is a wonderful place. So much love and care. Good luck with your future plans. We both have a lot to thank you for.� Anon

�Congratulations � keep up the good work� Viyra Best, Southampton

�A great achievement which has given hope, inspiration, love and peace to myself and many others. I attended the conference to celebrate your 15th birthday, which was truly inspirational.�  Margaret Upson, Holford

�Bristol Cancer Help Centre was here for me at a frightening time. I have gained so much from the cancer point services. Thank you. May Bristol Cancer Help Centre continue to flourish. Wishing you many years of strength. Happy birthday.� Sue Bricknell, Bath

�Congratulations on 25 years of development and continuity. Best wishes for every success in the future.� Cheralyn Amesbury, Bristol 

�Best wishes and congratulations on your pioneering and still necessary work.� Susan Blay, Middlesex

�Coming to Bristol gave me a sense of my value, that I was worth all the love and support, worth all the commitment, that I was worth getting well.� Heather Musker, Totnes

�All hail to Penny, Pat and Christopher and all those that have been its soul of the centre since its birth.� Barbara Siddall, Bushey

�The wonderful work that has been given to so many people over all the years is a credit to all workers at the centre and to those who conceived the initial idea.� Joanna Hutton, Warminster

�Thank you, thank you, thank you.� Anon
�Many thanks for the help, support and encouragement over her past few years. We really did appreciate it.� Anon

�Congratulations on keeping the spirit of love in medicine, in action, all these years.� Anon

�Happy birthday Bristol Cancer Help Centre! Thank you for helping me walk my talk these many years past. You have taught me so much.� Dr. Roger Lichy, London

�Happy birthday, and thanks for all the guidance and inspiration.� Linden Tansley, Hexham

�Congratulations on reaching 25 years of valuable service, and here�s to many more years to come.� Anon

�Thank you to all the caring and sympathetic staff who have manned the centre during all these years.� Ann Morton, Chadlington

�Congratulations and may the vision of our two founders be carried forward into the next �phase� of the Centre at Eden Grove and continue to give hope and inspiration to clients and health professionals.� Anon

�Coming to Bristol has had a profound effect on my life. I thank you with all my heart. May you continue helping people touched by cancer to look forward to a happy healthy future. Many, many happy returns.� Linda Hicks, Little Baddow

�Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you for all that you do and the influence you have and may you continue for another 25 years.� Anon

�25 years of sharing and caring � thank you.� Joanna Fuller, Bristol

�Happy birthday Bristol Centre � our friend in deed, in times of need!� Pat Hall, Nailsea

�With God�s help Bristol is keeping me alive against all medical odds. Long live �Bristol�.� Christin Odoom, London

�I�m sorry not to be with you but send heartfelt congratulations, hopes for the future, gratitude and love for the transformation of so many lives.� Diana Neil, Fife

�Happy Birthday. I would like to thank all of you for the support, peace and love together with the practical help I received from you, and hope your work can continue for as long as it is needed.� Nina Holland, Essex

�May you continue to nurture are inspire all who come in contact with your wonderful centre.� Annie Cooper, Bristol

�Happy Birthday Bristol Cancer Help Centre! I loved my time working at the centre. I felt I had the nicest job! Welcoming new residents on a Sunday and helping them get to know the centre and each other. My experiences there have informed and enriched my nursing practice ever since, and I am forever grateful. Long may you continue.� Meryl Sheherd, Winscome

�Excellent work by all. Thank you for being there. Here�s to the next 25 years.� Helen Christmas, Cinderford

�All best wishes for the next 25 years.� Anon

�A special birthday wish to a very special centre in remembrance of some very special friends.� Elizabeth Dymock, British defence

�Happy birthday and thanks to you all.� Albert Simmonds, Newcastle

�Congratulations on 25 fantastic years! You brought such hope and inspiration to my daughter Nicky Conrny. We thank you for supporting us all. Best wishes for the next 25!� Mary Pearce, Bristol

�You were steadfast against many reversals; but in the end those who doubted and criticised joined you, in pursuit of the common good.� Mr & Mrs Lindley, Bath

�I wish to thank everybody at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre for their wonderful work over the past 25 years. With your help I overcame cancer and now have a new positive outlook on life. I have fulfilled a lifelong ambition by going to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, something I thought I would never do when I first had cancer. Long may your good work continue, until such time as a cure for cancer is found.� Heather Smith, Torquay

�Congratulations on 25 years of giving much appreciated, inspirational and loving care to so many.� Mr & Mrs Sturt, Bourton

�Thank you for setting me off on a beautiful journey of discovery and transformation.� Susan Coayne, Bramhill

�May there be many more anniversaries to celebrate, for you and all those who come to you for help.� Bruce Wade, Newmarket

�Here�s to another 25 years, with love and gratitude.� Maria Curwen, Allenheads

�The Centre provided me with the loving support and advice which I felt was vital in my recovery.� Anon

�Congratulations, thank you and please continue the good work.� Maureen George, Ewelme

�Many happy returns and all the best for the future. Thank you for all your help in the past.� Bob Johnston, Glasgow

�Great job after the last 25 years here�s to the next 25!� Anon

�I send you all best wishes on this anniversary, with thanks for all the good you are doing.� Anon

�I wish you a very happy and enjoyable day.� Anon

�Congratulations and happy birthday. Thank you for all the excellent work and support you give.� Shelia Hackett, Bristol
�Congratulations on your 25th birthday, making a difference in Cancer Care, living with cancer, not dying with cancer.� Rosalind Comer, Bristol

�Keep up the good work with more birthdays.� Anon

�Congratulations to all of you for 25 years of amazing work. Thank you for the unconditional love and care you give. May you continue to be there for those in need for many, many more years to come.� Mac Jeffery, Bitton

�May I wish you a very happy and successful gathering, and many years to come of increasing good work in helping cancer sufferers. Hopefully better cures will occur to help people in the near future.� Anon

�When I first stepped in the Grove House I had a dark cloud hanging over me, but stepped out and the sun was shinning. I had turned a corner on a journey I never expected to be taking. You inspired me to have courage against all odds and you continue to do so with each visit. I wish you a very happy 25th birthday, and look to your future move from Cornwallis Grove with excitement and for many more successful years. Thank you God for giving Penny Brohn to the world, may she be looking on you all with pride.� Sara Bryan Smith

�Heartiest congratulations on achieving the silver anniversary. I remain greatly indebted to the centre. I am so sorry I cannot be with you all.� Tony Ockenden OBE, Foxton

�Congratulations and keep up the good work.� Anon

�What a privilege it has been to work at the centre. An experience I will keep for a life time. I wish you all every success in the future. With love and blessings.� Helen Pearson, Penzance

�Congratulations for providing a centre that enables people to find the reassurances to promote self healing. I am tumour free and above all feel wonderful.� Katherine Allen, St Martins

�Love and gratitude for all you have done and achieved � Happy birthday one and all!� Anon

�Keep up the good work.� Stephanie Hardy, Taunton

�Many, many happy returns � keep on the wonderful work!� Patsy Southwell, Bristol

�Congratulations on reaching your silver anniversary.� Michael Taylor, Nailsea

�Well done! Please keep up the good work.� Jane MacKinnon, Sunbury on Thames

�With sincere thanks for you help, support, encouragement and every best wish for your continuing work.� Roslyn Wakeford, Emsworth

�Congratulations! May you continue your good work for another 25 years.� Anon

�You provided me with an oasis in my despair. May you continue to give the love and understanding that so many of us need. I am forever grateful to all you wonderful people.� Linda Lucas, Fife

�Congratulations and best wishes for many more years of your wonderful clinic. Sorry not to be with you.� June Avis, Brighton

�Having had the privilege to work at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, I hope that the future brings even more hope to its patients.� Judith Slade, Bath

�Please continue your wonderful work.� Anon  

�Congratulations Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Here�s to the next 25 years, may they be smoother than the last but equally beneficial to so many, including myself.� Anon

�A special prayer for those who give so lovingly and unconditionally at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, of which I owe my life � God bless.� Merill Golder, Bodmin

�I cannot make it on the day but thank you so much for inviting me and all the help you have given me.� Manjir Samanta Laughton, Berkhamsted

�That you continue to do your good work and best of luck with the new premises.� Laura Beveridge, Yeovil

�My wife Mrs Linda Williams passed away on the 6th May 2005. Thanks for all your help and kindness you gave her at the Bristol Centre, I miss her so much.� Mr. B Willliams, Pembroke

�My thoughts and prayers will be with you all and my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful support I received.� Anon

�I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration and thanksgiving. I am sorry not to be with you but you are in my prayers and thoughts.� Karen Shaw, Turo

�I was so very grateful to all those who reached out to help me and to God for allowing me to stay here with my family.� Anon

�I guess there will be a lot of reflection over the significant achievements made during the past 25 years � so much water has travelled under out bridges during this time. For those of us touched by the terrible ill, both first and second hand, a time to reflect, remember and continue to build on the happy memories which have made us who we are today.� Anon

�Congratulations to everyone on the work carried out over the last 25 years.� Anon

�Thank you for all your help and support during my illness.� Anon

�With a prognosis of 3 months, one remaining, my attendance at your course was indeed a turning point. That was 18 months ago. Thanks.� Ian Dixon, Leatherhead

�I have never felt as good and relaxed as when I finished your course as a cancer patient. I am convinced it contributed to my still being here 10 years after a terminal diagnosis.� Elaine Shortt, Cambridge

�Happy 25th Birthday. You all do a great job. All the best for now and the future.� Kellie, Kingswood, Bristol

�Congratulations!! Thank you for helping me feel it wasn't the end of the world to have cancer.  I feel whole again. Long may you be there to help and support all those with cancer who seek you out.� Gill Bright, Wilts

"Thank you BCHC for empowering my wife, not only giving her back to me but back to herself. Thank you so very much."
Brian young, Basingstoke

"Your residential course, help and support has been invaluable in helping a very dear friend of mine face her cancer and meet new friends.Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all good wishes for your future work."
Mike Scarborough