What People Say About Us

"I have seen many patients with cancer at the Royal Marsden Hospital and, for the last few years, at St Raphael's Hospice. Those patients who attended the Centre, and their relatives, have invariably spoken highly of the Centre and received much-needed help there"
Dr Steven Greer MD, FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist

"I have always regarded the Bristol Cancer Help Centre as a beacon of hope and practical support in a world of none-too-successful high-technology medicine. It has lit the way towards a reappraisal of the needs of patients and of methods of cancer treatment."
The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

"We are all absolutely petrified of the word cancer. When we hear a doctor say it in relation to ourselves, we completely block out and can't take anything in. These terrors are hugely allayed by the kindness and understanding and warmth and skill of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. I advise any cancer patient who needs help to seek their advice. . . ."
Jilly Cooper

" I have always admired the work of the Centre."
Dr Ann Johnson FRCS, FRCR, Hon. Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Mount Vernon Hospital

"At a time when I was frightened and ill Bristol gave me comfort and advice. I left ready to face anything. I want more people - indeed one day everyone - to have the same support."
Sheila Hancock

"I have been a supporter of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre for many years and have known a number of people who have benefited from its care. I am glad that the merits of the approach at the Centre are now becoming far more widely understood and appreciated."
The Rt Hon. Lord Waldegrave of North Hill

"Both as a local MP and a doctor, I know the importance of supportive care to people living with cancer. That is why I applaud the work being done by the Bristol Cancer Help Centre to complement conventional treatment by caring for people's emotional needs as well as giving sound advice about full and balanced nutrition."
Dr Liam Fox MP

"I cannot speak highly enough of the work that the Bristol Cancer Help Centre does with cancer patients. It helps them develop the positive mental attitude which is so vital to those living with cancer."
Jean Corston MP

"Cancer affects people both physically and psychologically. The Centre plays a vital role in helping people address the very powerful psychological side of the illness."
Dawn Primarolo MP

"I very strongly recommend anyone requiring individual advice, help or support to contact the Bristol Cancer Help Centre."
Professor Jane A. Plant CBE, Author 'Your Life in Your Hands'

 "I feel very privileged to have come into contact with the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.  They helped me to care for both my mind and body through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  My experience has been life changing."

Michele Eve