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About Bristol Cancer Help Centre

Bristol Cancer Help Centre is the leading UK charity which has pioneered and specialises in the Bristol Approach to cancer care. Founded by Penny Brohn, a woman living with cancer, and her great friend Pat Pilkington, the Bristol Approach is for people living with cancer and those close to them.

The Bristol Approach combines a unique range of physical, emotional and spiritual support. Developed by doctors, nurses, therapists and people with cancer, the Approach uses a range of complementary therapies and self-help techniques including practical advice on nutrition, to help people to change the way they live with cancer, and to deal with the specific problems and challenges a cancer diagnosis brings.

The Centre runs residential courses for people with cancer and their close family and friends.

For those who live in the Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire area Cancerpoint is a bookable individual appointment service.

The Centre also offers courses and workshops for Healthcare Professionals and Complementary Therapists who want to learn more about adopting a more holistic approach to their own practice.

"It has been a great satisfaction to me to see how strongly the approach pioneered at Bristol has influenced the development and improvement of cancer services all over Britain."

HRH The Prince of Wales

Patron of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.